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Welcome to Virgin Islands Cycling Federation

Welcome to Virgin Islands Cycling Federation

Welcome to Virgin Islands Cycling FederationWelcome to Virgin Islands Cycling Federation

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February 16, 2020  * Donald's Challenge Recap

We finished the road race this morning  just before the downpour pounded the South Shore.  We had a great  turnout for the Donald's Challenge, including Donald's sisters, Carol  and Joyce.

The race started at the  entrance to Ha'Penny, headed west to Cane Garden, turned around then headed out to Castle Nuggent, then back to Ha'Penny.  Each lap was about  7 miles. 

As the nine Elite riders lined  up at the start of the race, St. Croix cyclists noticed an unknown rider  from St. Thomas.  Matthew Erchull headed out at an aggressive pace and  kept the tempo going through all five laps.  By the end of lap 2, the  Elite group had separated into smaller groups.  By lap 4, the trio of  St. Thomian Matthew, Stephen Swanton and Ian Collins had advanced nearly  3 minutes on the next group, which included Joey Swanson and Glenn  Massiah.  Spectators were ready for an all-out sprint to the finish, but  instead were surprised to see Stephen Swanton rolling in alone.  His  time was 1:35:03.  Matthew crossed the line in second in a time of  1:35:58.  Ian was third in 1:36:37. 

The  Expert race had a really exciting finish!  After riding together for the  full 28 miles, Mario Peters made a final push towards the finish line  and pulled just seconds ahead of Miguel Cruz and Troy Holloway.  Mario's  time was 1:23:48; Miguel and Troy both finished in 1:23:51.  Hannah  Cranford from STT was the lone woman in the Expert race.  She finished  fourth overall in a time of 1:24:03.  The guys all complimented Hannah  on her toughness.

The small Sport category was  joined by the Women's category on the starting line of the 14-mile  race.  It was an "every man for himself" kind of race.  James Meyers was  the winner in a time of 45:07.  Yves Abraham was second in 48:15 and  13-yr-old Mason Lambert was third in a time of 49:04.  While Megan could  not provide much of a draft for James, they worked together for most of  the race.  James nudged out Megan at the line and she finished in  45:09.  Lisa Gay (51:40) was the second place female finisher and Jan  Powell (53:58) was third.  It was great to see so many women in the  race.  Check the results page for the full results.

The  next bike race is the St. Paddy's Individual Time Trial on Sunday, March  15 at 7am.  The race starts at Junie's, goes to Union & Mt.  Washington, then finishes at Ha'Penny.  Please be mindful that registration for all TT races closes at 6:45am.  

Leaders of the Elite race on their final lap